Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Weekend With La Tati

No history of flamenco is complete without a comprehensive account of the life and work of this incomparable flamenco diva. More than just a dancer, Tati is the purest synthesis of flamenco blood, soil and spirit. A major voice and an unquestioned prima flamenca who has inspired a generation, whose art has always been fed by her vast and legendary life.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

'Alegrias' Rosa De Las Heras. Greenwich Dance Agency. October 2003.

What The People Say
"now THAT'S flamenco! ole chica! personality and the moves, bravo." "WOW ... very nice!" "The expression of hers is impressive. Excellent..!" "This girl can dance."

full company: Mateo Solea - cante. Chris Mullett, Ismael Heredia - guitar. La Joaquina, Gemma de La Cruz, Rosa De Las Heras - baille.

What The People Say.
"Un flamenco mui hermoso." "You do your thing!!! Muy lindo,saludos desde nueva york!" "ABSOLUTELY GREAT PERFORMANCE!" "Ole, ole. Ele duende ista aqui. Viva el duende" "Me gusta mucho su aire!! Que ricos contratiempos!!!" "Rules? She's right in the line, you know? Perfecto. Erotica." "STUNNING!!!" "Simply stunning and innovative...a dancer with a style her very own. ole"

'Solea' La Joaquina. Geenwich Dance Agency. October 2003.

Cante - Mateo Solea. Guitar - El Salmonete. Ismael Heredia.
What The People Say
"Stunning, breathtaking,powerful." "Superb!" "WOW!!! ! Olé!"

'Tangos' - Titi Flores. Theatre Royal Bath. 16/6/02.

'Solea por Buleria'. Titi Flores. Theatre Royal Bath. 16/6/06

What The People Say
"¡Muy MaravillosO!"

Friday, July 21, 2006

A Bit Of History. 1996 And All That.

'Club Azul'
- a weekly showcase for flamenco, world music and blues opened above The Landor, in Landor Rd, Clapham, around January 1995.

Seating 80 or so, we presented acts from all over the world, plus all the London flamencos of the time.

When Clapham North tube closed for nine months, Club Azul became Flamenco Express, and took to the road under that name in February 1996 with Tito Heredia, Manuel de la Malena, La Joaquina, Chris Mullett, plus Kalina, Coco and Chi.

From Flamenco Express Gallery

From Flamenco Express Gallery

From Flamenco Express Gallery

From Flamenco Express Gallery