Wednesday, September 13, 2006

'Alegrias' Rosa De Las Heras. Greenwich Dance Agency. October 2003.

What The People Say
"now THAT'S flamenco! ole chica! personality and the moves, bravo." "WOW ... very nice!" "The expression of hers is impressive. Excellent..!" "This girl can dance."

full company: Mateo Solea - cante. Chris Mullett, Ismael Heredia - guitar. La Joaquina, Gemma de La Cruz, Rosa De Las Heras - baille.

What The People Say.
"Un flamenco mui hermoso." "You do your thing!!! Muy lindo,saludos desde nueva york!" "ABSOLUTELY GREAT PERFORMANCE!" "Ole, ole. Ele duende ista aqui. Viva el duende" "Me gusta mucho su aire!! Que ricos contratiempos!!!" "Rules? She's right in the line, you know? Perfecto. Erotica." "STUNNING!!!" "Simply stunning and innovative...a dancer with a style her very own. ole"

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Noelia La Morocha said...

Hola, Flamenquitos....

Encontre en youtube algunos de sus videos, y ahora vi mas en su blog...

Solo queria decirles....

Ole su cachondeo!!

Noelia La Morocha